Cari Ciccarella, MS

Evolutionary Coach, Akashic Record Consultant, Teacher

Wisdom’s Light Evolutionary Coaching

Cari Ciccarella has a MS in Counseling from Canisus College in Buffalo, New York.  She spent many years working as a therapist with individuals and families while they navigated life, both the inner workings of their minds and the outer experiences of their relationships with others and Life.  Her career took a bit of a detour when she had her children.  Staying home and raising them for more than 10 years.  During this time Cari had an awaking.  And reflecting back on it will say it actually brought her to life.  Defined by many physical and spiritual experiences this new path showed her just what passion and purpose was.  She now has a new and powerful relationship with Life, is clear about who she is and lives truly aligned with her values. Today, it is her mission to share her wisdom and support others through the discovery of their own personal passions and unique purpose.  Through her comprehensive coaching program and her workshops on spiritual principals, natural living and improving your relationship with yourself, Cari will empower you to embrace your own brilliance so you too may live the fulfilling life intended for you.  Begin today!

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